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The Many Benefits of Soft Water

There are many benefits for having soft water in your home. 


The biggest benefit that comes from using a water softener is energy savings and cost savings.  


According to New Mexico State University's Water Heater-Energy Savings Study, the lifespan of appliances such as water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers can be REDUCED by as much as 30 percent when HARD water is used in the home.  Also, when hard water is heated, the hardness minerals precipitate out and allow scale buildup in the bottom of the tank of the water heater.   This of course, makes the water heater work longer and harder to heat the water, which in turn increases energy costs.
Hard water has a similar effect on dish washing machines.  By using soft water you can add more than three years to the longevity on your water related appliances and save yourself the expense of replacing them much sooner than you expected.
Softened water has been proven to help prolong the life of your water related appliances. Soft water makes your dishes come out of your dish washer crystal clear.  Softened water allows your dish washer and water heater and washing machine to work more efficiently, which saves you money. When you have soft water, you need to use less soap. Hard water has a tendancy to not rinse out of your clothes thoroughly.  Laundry soap rinses out of clothes easier with soft water, therefore you don't need as much.  Soft water has the same benefits with household cleaners as well.  Cutting your cleaning supplies cost in half will most definately save you money. Soft water in your washing machine will allow your clothes to last longer, because hard water is actually " hard " on your clothes !  Your laundry will be much brighter with soft water also.
In the shower, soaps and shampoos do not lather well with hard water, so people tend to use more soap and shampoo to make up for this. With soft water in the shower, your skin and hair will feel softer and smoother, and rough dry skin will naturally go away.  Soft water lathers up easily, so you can cut your soap and shampoo usage in half, or maybe more !  Shaving is another savings with soft water. The razor glides more easily across your skin, allowing for smoother skin and longer lasting razor blades.....saving you more money by not buying razor blades as often.
Cleaning your house is easier with soft water. Hard water tends to leave a tough scum and buildup on sinks, tubs and toilets. Keeping this hardness buildup at bay will make your household cleanup easier, and again cut your cleaning supply in half when you have soft water.
Install a water softener in your home, and enjoy the many benefits, the biggest being cost savings to you !  There is maintenance with adding salt on occasion, but the benefits far out weigh the hassle of buying and loading up salt every few months.