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Inline Filter Systems

What Are You Looking For?

Adding An Inline Filter System Is Easy!

Inline filters attach directly to a water line - and can improve the water that enters any refrigerator, icemaker, or other appliance that uses water. Most inline filters include "quick disconnect" fittings on each side which allow for easy connection with no tools. Because inline filters are not proprietary to any given appliance - they can be used with great flexibility for many applications.

Inline filters normally contain a carbon block or granulated carbon. They may also contain a scale reducing chemical, or other compounds that change the characteristics of the water flowing through the inline catridge.

Common uses for Inline Filters

  • To improve taste and odor of water entering a refrigerator for drinking and icemaking
  • To reduce scale in water for making ice
  • To reduce scale in water used for brewing coffee or other hot beverages
  • To feed polyphosphate into water for lime and scale reduction