Reverse Osmosis

Pure Water For Your Home! Reverse osmosis (RO) is a process by which water is moved across a semi-permeable mebrane. The membrane allows pure water to pass through but "rejects" impurities. Water created by Reverse Osmosis contains almost zero disolved solids and suspended matter which makes it perfect for multiple uses around the home (especially drinking).
Forget about the science behind "RO" - if you've ever sipped a glass of water made by an RO system - you will understand what all the fuss is about. RO water tastes great! Where else can you use RO Water?

  • Makes great ice cubes - eliminates bad tastes in cocktails and other iced beverages.
  • Great for cooking - leaves behind no bad tastes or scale on your cookware. Great for boiling pasta!
  • Makes great coffee - if you enjoy drinking coffee - trying brewing with RO water. Your coffee will taste better than ever.

With basic plumbing skills - you can install your own RO System - click the categories above to learn more!