Under Counter

Easy to install and inexpensive - a dedicated system for water that you drink!

An undercounter system intercepts your cold water line under your sink. Water is sent through a filter, or a series of filters before it comes out of the tap. Water can also be diverted to a dedicated drinking water faucet. If you are just interested in better tasting water - you can use a single carbon filter system. More elaborate, multi-filter systems can be used to remove sediment, VOC's, lead, cysts, etc.

Do it Yourself! Build Your Own!

While many undercounter systems come with everything you need to get started - there's no reason you can't "build your own" undercounter system by mixing and matching single or multiple housings, brackets, and filters. By using commonly available filters you won't lock yourself into a proprietary filter system.

NOTE: We have created a separate category for Reverse Osmosis Systems