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Shower Filter Systems

Get clean, healthy water from your shower head!

Chlorine in your water is absorbed through your skin when you take a shower. It is said that more chlorine is absorbed through the skin during the average shower than by drinking six to eight glasses of tap water! Also - chlorine vaporizes quickly in a hot shower, so as you breathe - you inhale chlorine gas.

Installing a shower filter is an easy way to insure that the water in your shower is clean and free of chlorine and other chemicals. If you can use a pair of pliers - you can replace your old shower head with a filtered shower head in no time!

The benefits of filtering the water in your shower include

  • Less hard water deposits and soap scum in the shower
  • Less chemical odor in your bathroom
  • Smooth, silky hair that feels clean

What shower filter system is right for me?

We offer a wide array of shower filter products. If you like your existing showerhead and you just want an inline filter - choose a universal inline filter. If you like to replace your shower head AND filter the water - choose a shower filter system that includes a head. If you'd like to detach the shower head while bathing - choose a system with a detachable wand.