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Supco Replacement for GE MWF Filter, 3-Pack

Supco WF287 | Our#: 177413

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The Supco WF287 provides high quality water filtration. Your home will have better tasting and cleaner water. The aftermarket Supco WF287 is a replacement for the MWF. Aftermarket filters do a similar job as the factory original product would. The Supco WF287 is the low cost alternative to the OEM. This filter can remove containments including dirt, rust, lead, and odor. This replacement filter, Supco WF287, can filter up to 300 gallons in 6 months. Replace this filter twice a year or more if your home uses a lot of water. Supco WF287, like other refrigerators filters, are sold in multiple quantities. By purchasing a higher quantity you get a lower price per filter. DiscountFilters.com offers the Supco WF285 at a great price compared to the OEM product. Overall this product is an excellent option when shopping for water filters. The replacement Supco WF287 comes with free shipping and returns. 


  • High quality, cost-effective alternative to factory original
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Helps reduce chlorine taste and odor
  • Helps reduce contaminants found in tap water and improves its quality
  • Made from renewable carbon