Clack S1764 Standard R.O. TFC 50 gpd Membrane

Clack Corp S1764 | Our#: 175657

Clack Membranes fit over 90% of all R.O. systems sold !

Clack Standard R.O. TFC-50 gpd Membrane

This membrane is rated at 50 Gallons Per Day.  Actual production in your R.O. system will vary, and normally produces around half of the advertised rating.   If you have chlorinated water, we recommend you use a Carbon / Sediment Pre Filter.  The residual chlorine in " city " water will destroy the Thin Film Composite ( TFC ) membrane. 

This is a "standard" size membrane, which will fit any standard R.O. system, utilizing a standard membrane housing.  There is a wide variety of R.O. systems using standard membrane housings.

This membrane is NSF / ANSI standard 058 rated, and is also certified for the reduction of Arsenic.

This membrane is a suitable replacement for the F.S.H.S. brand PC4 and HR3 Reverse Osmosis Drinking water systems, along with many others.

Clack part number : S1764

Applied Membranes Inc. part number : M-T1812A50-NL