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Culligan FCT-1 Chrome Drinking Water Faucet - NON air gap

Culligan FCT-1 | Our#: 175775


Culligan FCT-1 Chrome Drinking Water Faucet

The Culligan FCT-1 Drinking Water Faucet can be used with any brand undersink drinking water system. Mount the FCT-1 in the sink hole normally reserved for a soap dispenser or sprayer.  It is an easy job to drill a new hole in your sink for mounting this faucet.  A great basic faucet at a great price!  The faucet fits through a 9/16-inch
hole. Most sinks have pre-drilled 13/8" or 11/2" diameter holes that may be used for faucet installation. If these pre-drilled holes cannot be used or are in an inconvenient location, it will be necessary to drill a 9/16-inch or 5/8-inch hole in the sink to accommodate the faucet.


  • Attractive chrome finish
  • Stands 10-1/2" tall
  • Lead free
  • 3" threaded shank
  • Includes all hardware for connection to 1/4" tubing via compression fitting (tubing not included)
  • Does not include air gap hook-up (sometimes required for RO systems)

Replaces the following Culligan Faucets:
151242 Faucet
01019200 Faucet
244440 Faucet

Used In the Following Culligan Drinking Water Systems:
Culligan RV-750
Culligan RV-1000
Culligan SY-750
Culligan SY-1000
Culligan SY-2500
Culligan SY-2650