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10" Big Blue Housing w/ 3/4" FPT w/ Pressure Relief

Culligan HD-950-3/4 | Our#: 176501

Recommended Filters
For This Housing

Sediment Filters (Reduce Particles)

Carbon Filters (Taste & Odor)


10" Big Blue Housing w/ 3/4" FPT w/  Pressure Relief

NOTE : This product DOES NOT INCLUDE  a mounting bracket ( see below )

NOTE : This product DOES NOT INCLUDE  a filter  ( see Recommended Filters - right )

This versatile whole-house system allows for filtration of all water that enters your home via the main cold water line.   The unit uses standard 10" X 4-1/2" filters - so you can use whichever filter you like to acheive the desired result. This system is typically used with sediment filters to reduce sediment, rust, scale and dirt, or a Granular Activated Carboon filter to effectively reduce Chlorine.  The reduction of these contaminants provides better water for drinking and bathing and extends the life of devices like washing machines, water heaters, and other household appliances that use water.


Pressure Range: 30-125 psi (2.1-8.6 bar)
Temperature Range: 40-100F (4.4-37.7C)
Connections: 3/4" FPT

Items you may need for installation:

  • 3/4-inch Sharkbite fittings for copper, cpvc or pexpipe
  • Tubing Cutters
  • Mounting Bracket with Hardware
  • Teflon Tape and or Pipe paste


CapabilityWill accept std. 4-1/2" X 10" filters
DimensionsOverall Height 13"
DimensionsCap Width/Diameter 7-1/4"
Max Pressure125 psi
Temperature Range40 to 100 degrees

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