Culligan TK-2 Water Test Kit

Culligan TK-2 | Our#: 175788

 Culligan TK-2 Water Test Kit

The Culligan TK-2 Water Test Kit is a simple in-home water quality test kit used to identify potential contaminants in your water.  The most common water issues which this water quality kit tests for include hardness, wide range pH, nitrates, nitrites, as well as chlorine, chloramine, and low range iron.

Accurate and reliable results are available only 15 minutes after using this Culligan water test kit. In addition to the main in-home component of this water quality test kit, there is an available option for mail-in testing to detect lead, nitrate/TDS, and sodium/iron. Futher information about this mail-in option is included inside the package.

WARNING: This Water Test Kit provides only approximate results when used in strict accordance with the enclosed instructions. Culligan expressly disclaims any and all liability of any sort resulting from misuse of this product or failure to follow instructions provided. See enclosed disclaimerr for more information.


What You Get :

  • Detailed Instructions & Analysis Information
  • Test Tablets
  • Test Bottle
  • Test Strips