Cuno SF18-S Scale Inhibition System

Cuno 56077-03 | Our#: 173537

Cuno SF18-S Scale Inhibition System 56077-03

The SF18-S inhibits scale build-up and corrosion in high-temperature
foodservice equipment, including coffee brewers, boiler-based steamers,
proofers, warewashers and hot tea. A proportioning forced-feed orifice
delivers a carefully metered amount of a unique high temperature
scale inhibitor, sequestering the hardness minerals that
form on boiler walls, sensors, brewer spray heads and heating coils.
The media does not break down at temperatures at or above 200F
(93.3C). The Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) replacement HF8-S
cartridge makes change-outs fast and easy.


  • A forced-feed orifice carefully controls and meters the addition
    of a proprietary scale inhibitor to reduce scale formation in hightemperature
    foodservice applications
  • Consistent performance at application temperatures over 200F (93.3C)
  • FDA CFR-21 compliant materials
  • Stainless-steel head
  • 3/4" NPT female inlet and outlet ports allow direct or easily adaptable
    connections to existing plumbing lines
  • Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) replacement cartridge is fast and
    easy to change
  • Exhausted cartridges may be incinerated


  • A forced-feed orifice carefully controls and meters the addition of hightemperature
    scale inhibitor.
  • All materials are FDA CFA Title 21 compliant.
  • Maximum operating pressure - 90 psi (620.5 kPa); maximum operating
    temperature of incoming water - 100 F (38 C)
  • Head - 316 stainless steel
  • Sump - Sanitary Quick Change
  • Inlet and outlet connections - 3/4 in NPT, female

CUNO Incorporated recommends regularly scheduled maintenance and
replacement of the filter cartridge(s) in order for the product to perform
as advertised/sold. Change the filter cartridge at least every 6 months.
CUNO shall not be liable for system failures due to improper maintenance.


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