O-Ring Silicone Lubricant - 5.3 oz tube

Dow Corning OR-LUBRICANT-LG | Our#: 175809

Food Grade O-Ring Silicone Lubricant - 5.3 oz tube

If you have a sump/bowl  type water filtration system - an important maintenance task during filter changes is the lubricating of the housing O-Ring.  This lubricant keeps the O-ring supple and prevents leaks.

Description: Silicone Grease
Physical Form: Grease
Composition: Silicone oil, Inorganic thickener, Additives
Color: Translucent White
Odor: Odorless
Shelf Life: 1800 Days
Wide service temperature range: -40C to +200C
Regulations: FDA and NSF Approved
FDA (Food and Drug Administration) -> 21 CFR 175.300
NSF Standard 51
NSF Standard 61