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3-Stage Premium Reverse Osmosis System w/ Permeate Pump

FSHS Inc. HR-3 | Our#: 175619


Filter TypeStandard 10" Carbon Block ( 2 )
Holding Tank Dimensions14.5" Tall X 11" Diameter
Membrane TypeThin Film Composite
Outlet Tubing Size3/8" O.D.
Production Capacity50 GPD
System Dimensions15" Wide X 15.5" High X 6" Deep
System Inlet Tubing Size1/4" O.D.
Tank Holding Capacity4 Gallons
WarrantyOne Year Limited Warranty


3-Stage Premium Reverse Osmosis System w/ Permeate Pump

Once you install and use an "RO" system for drinking and cooking water - you'll wonder how you ever lived without one!  Use RO water to make terrific tasting drinking water, ice cubes and coffee.  RO water is also great for cooking.

This residential Reverse Osmosis Drinking System by FSHS Inc. features high quality components and high performance at a low price. These R.O. Systems  are completely assembled  and are ready for installation.  This Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System comes complete with everything you need to install it yourself and includes NSF approved components.   Quick disconnect fittings means you don't need any special plumbing skills to get your system up and running. The system is suited for private well water or chlorinated city water capability.

This system includes a non-electric permeate pump to increase net pressure across the RO membrane by isolating the membrane pressure from the pressure in the product water tank.   The pump requires no electricity and is powered by energy from waste normally lost to drain.  The use of permeate pump increases membrane life and pre-filter life, reduces waste water by up to 80%, and fills the tank 2 times faster than conventional units.  Since it wastes 80% less water, membrane and filter life are dramatically increased.

This is a 3 stage drinking water system. The 3 stages are comprised of:

( 1 ) Sediment / Carbon Block Pre-Filter
( 2 ) TFC Membrane
( 3 ) Sediment / Carbon Block Post-Filter

This system is easy to install !  


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The 3 Stage R.O. w/ permeate pump includes color coded tubing and all necessary installation materials, including instructions.


What is a Permeate Pump you ask ? 

A permeate pump does Three ( 3 ) things.  Most all R.O. systems have an automatic shut off.  Once the R.O. produces enough water to the holding tank, it automaticaly shuts off.  This is normally done at 40% of your incoming water line pressure.  A permeate pump will allow the R.O. system to work up to the full water line pressure.  This means higher water pressure and more water from the holding tank.  The second thing the permeate pump does is produce pure water at a faster rate, compared to a standard R.O. system.  The third thing a permeate pump does, is reduce the amount of water produced to the drain.  On a normal R.O. system, the ratio is around 3 or 4 to 1, meaning for every one gallon of pure water produced, 3 to 4 gallons are put down the drain.  A permeate pump reduced that ratio to closer to 1 - 2 to 1.


HR-3 R.O. System includes:

  • Integrated System Mounting Bracket
  • Automatic Shut Off ( ASO ) 
  • 50 GPD TFC Membrane
  • 10" Split Sediment / Carbon Block Pre Filter
  • 10" Split Sediment / Carbon Block Post Filter
  • 4 Gallon Water Holding Tank - NSF Approved
  • Drain Saddle w/ 1/4" connection
  • Supply Water Tapping Valve
  • R.O. Faucet w/ Chrome Finish
  • Color-Coded Tubing :

                   1/4" RED - Feed Water         

                   3/8" YELLOW - Holding Tank   

                   1/4" BLACK - Discharge / Drain  

                   3/8" BLUE - R.O. Faucet

  • Spanner Wrench for filter sump removal
  • 3/8" Shut Off Valve for the Holding Tank
  • Installation instructions