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GE FQROMF Reverse Osmosis Membrane

GE FQROMF | Our#: 175860

Fits These Systems

  • GE PNRQ15
  • GE PNRQ15F
  • GE PNRQ20
  • GE PXRQ15F
  • GE PXRQ15
  • GE PNRQ20F

GE FQROMF Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Factory original GE FQROMF reverse osmosis membrane.  "Twist & Lock" filters easily twist in to the reverse osmosis manifold.  Membrane fits PXRQ15F, PNRQ15F and PNRQ20F reverse osmosis systems and others.  Dimensions: 8.5" L x 2" W

The membrane change reminder flashes amber when the TDS monitor in the system has measured the amount of impurities removed is less than 75%. When this occurs, it is time to replace this Reverse Osmosis membrane cartridge and sanitize the system.

Reverse Osmosis Cartridge-The middle cartridge includes a tightly wound, special membrane. Water is forced through the cartridge where the membrane reduces the dissolved solids and organic matter. For the reduction of the claims specified, see Performance Data Sheet. High quality product water exits the Reverse Osmosis cartridge and goes to the storage tank. Reject water, with the dissolved solids and organic matter, leaves the cartridge and is discharged to the drain through 1/4" tubing.


CapacityDepends on water
Dimensions8.5" L x 2" W
Reduction ClaimTotal Disolved Solids