GE FX12P R.O. Pre & Post Filter SET

GE FX12P | Our#: 175851

Fits These Systems

  • GE GXRM10
  • GE GXRM10G
  • GE GXRV10
  • GE PNRV12
  • GE PNRV12Z
  • GE GXRV10A


GE FX12P Reverse Osmosis Filter Set

Factory Original filters for GE reverse osmosis systems.  Set includes pre-filter and post-filter.

Filter Facts:

Prefilter-Water from the cold supply pipe is directed to the prefilter cartridge. The prefilter is a replaceable sediment cartridge containing activated carbon. The prefilter reduces chlorine in the feed water  because CHLORINE DESTROYS THE REVERSE OSMOSIS MEMBRANE. Filtered, clean, chlorine-reduced water flows from the prefilter to the Reverse Osmosis cartridge

Postfilter - After leaving the storage area, but before going to the system faucet, product water goes to the postfilter cartridge. The postfilter is also a replaceable sediment cartridge that contains activated carbon. Any remaining tastes, odors or sediments are reduced from product water by the postfilter. Clean, high quality drinking water flows through the tubing and to the system faucet.


Capacity900 Gallons
Dimensions9.75" L X 2.5" Dia.
MaterialCarbon Block
Reduction Claimschlorine taste, odor, sediment