Premium Water Softener Kit - Small

NTSupply 5600SXT 75 Standard Riser | Our#: 175618



Control Valve TypeFleck 5600 SXT Electronic Meter COntrol
Cu. Ft. of Resin0.75
Drain Line Barbed Fitting1/2" Barbed Fitting ( for 1/2" I.D. / 5/8" O.D. Flexible Tubing )
Operating Capacity - Grains of Hardness Removal18,000 grains
Plumbing Connections3/4" Female NPT
Recommended Salt TypePellet or Solar Salt
Resin Tank Dimensions44" Tall X 8" Diameter
Resin Tank Dimensions INCLUDING Control Valve52" Tall X 8" Diameter
Resin TypeDowex HCR S/S Standard Mesh Resin
Riser TypeStandard Riser
Salt Tank Capacity240 Pounds
Salt Tank Dimensions15" Deep X 17" Wide X 36" Tall
Salt Tank Safety Shut OffYes
Water Hardness Capability1 to 35 Grains Per Gallon ( gpg )

Premium Electronic Metered Water Softener Kit - Small With Standard Riser

Why Buy A Water Softener?

If you have high levels of disolved calcium, magnesium, and other minerals in your water  - you have "hard water".  Hard water is known to clog pipes, make soaps and detergents innefective,  and cause stains on household surfaces.  Water softeners remove the undesirable minerals in your water through a process called "ion exchange."  Essentially the calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged for sodium ions.  The softened water that now enters your home will protect your plumbing.  You will use less soaps and detergents.   Your appliances will last longer.  Your skin will feel softer and cleaner after bathing.  These are just some of the benefits of soft water!

Why Buy Our Small Premium Water Softener Kit ?

     This is the ideal Water Softener for a residential application for up to ( 2 ) people in the home.  This Water Softener has an electronic metered control valve. This simply means that once the unit is set up, the control valve will monitor ( meter ) your water usage and regenerate only when it needs to. These Softeners come complete and ready to install.  These Softeners include a bypass valve with 3/4" female NPT plumbing connections.  The salt tank is 15" X 17" X  36" tall.  The 5600 SXT 75 Standard Riser water softener has 3/4 Cubic Feet of Softeninig Media ( ion exchange resin ).  A softener with 3/4 cubic foot of resin has an operating capacity of 18,000 grains of hardness removal @ 6 lbs of salt per regeneration.  3/4 Cubic Feet of Resin will provide 900 gallons of soft water, with water hardness at 20 gpg.  This water softener has an LCD display, that will alternate between gallons of soft water remaining and the time of day. The Fleck 5600 SXT control has a compact turbine design and provides proven reliability from many years of great performance.  This control also has a 48 hour battery backup.

     This water softener has a Fleck 5600 SXT control valve. Fleck is one of the top leaders in the industry for residential softener controls. The 5600 model control valve has been available and sold for many years, with outstanding performance and reliability. The control is a single piston driven design, with few moving parts.  Expect many years of Service-Free performance, with expected product life of 10 + years.


     Installation of this water softener is fairly simple, with two plumbing connections ( hard water in and soft water out ) and a 5/8" flexible tube to your drain for the discharge water.  Connect the salt tank to the softener control with a short piece of flexible 3/8" poly tubing.  Plug in and set up the softener control and that's it !

Water Softener Kit Includes :

  • Water Softener ( Black ) - 3/4 Cubic Feet of Resin w/ Fleck 5600 SXT Electronic Metered Control Valve
  • Salt Tank ( Black ) - 15" Deep  X  17" Wide  X  36" Tall  w/ Safety Shutoff - 240 lbs capacity
  • Brine Line - 6' of 3/8" O.D. ( Black ) Poly Tubing 
  • Bypass Valve - Stainless Steel w/  3/4" Female NPT
  • Drain Line - 10' of 5/8" O.D. ( Black ) Poly Tubing

***Note: Our shipping arrangement for this water softener system includes palletizing and shipping via an LTL freight carrier. There is a very high risk of damage when the unit is shipped via a small package carrier such as UPS.  Typically, we ship via Fedex Freight service.  This shipping offer includes "to the curb" delivery.  Click here for more shipping details on this system.