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DIY Undercounter DUAL Filter Drinking Water System w/ Faucet

NTSupply DIY-UCDWF-2 | Our#: 176759

DIY Undercounter DUAL Filter Drinking Water System w/ Faucet

Everything you need to create a dedicated drinking water system under your sink.  Includes 5 micron Sediment filter to reduce sediment, dirt and sand.  A second Carbon Block filter will remove chlorine taste and odor, to provide you with a source of clean, good tasting drinking water.  With the exception of the the feed adaptor - all water line connections are made with quick connect fitings and require no special tools or plumbing expertise.

System includes:

(2) Slim White 10" Filter Housing with 3/8" NPT - standard-sized 10" housing will accept most standard 10" X 2.5" filter cartridges
(1) Dual Housing Mounting Bracket, WITH Hardware - the bracket you need to attach the housing to the cabinet wall under the sink
(1) Long reach chrome faucet - high quality faucet - polished chrome finish
(1) 5 Micron Poly Spun Sediment Filter

(1) Filter Sump wrench - makes it easy to loosen filter sump when changing filter
(2) 3/8"" tube by 3/8" MPT quick connect adaptor - screws into inlet and outlet side of housing and provides quick connect ports for water line
(1) Stop Feed Adaptor with 3/8" quick connect - ties into common 3/8" water line to feed water to filter and provides shut-off for filter changes
(4') 3/8" poly tubing - plenty of tubing to complete this project
(1) Faucet adaptor - screws into threaded stem on faucet and allows for quick connect union with water line

Items not included that you may need for installation:
Tubing cutter - helps you make straight, clean cuts in your tubing
Teflon tape - wrap all threads with tape to prevent leaks