Pentek 3/8" BFS-201 Dual Housing Filter System

Pentek BFS-201 | Our#: 175794

Recommended Filters
For This Housing

Sediment Filters (Reduce Particles)

Carbon Filters (Taste & Odor)


Pentek  3/8" BFS-201 Dual Housing Filter System (Pentek Part # 160196)

The Pentek BFS-201 consists of ( 2 ) 10" Slim Line Filter Housings that come mounted on a bracket that can be mounted on a solid wall or inside of cabinet.  This dual housing features a pressure relief button. This is an ideal basic under-counter water filter system for drinking water.

NOTE :  This System Does  NOT  Include Filters !

Use any filters you like !  These housings accomodate most all standard 2-1/2" X 10"  FIlter Cartridges.

Connect this Dual Filter System to your sink faucet, or a designated faucet for " filtered " water

You can install this Dual Filter system under your kitchen sink and have filtered water for all your cold water from the sink faucet, or install a seperate designated faucet for the filtered water only.

Suggested Filters :  We will suggest a sediment filter in housing # 1 and a carbon cartridge in housing # 2.  The inexpensive sediment cartridge will prevent the more expensive carbon cartridge from premature clogging.

System Dimensions - 10-1/2" x 5-1/4" x 14"

  The Water Lines, Fittings, Filters and Faucets are sold seperately. 


Capabilityaccepts any Standard 10" Filter Cartridge ( 2 )
Connection Size ( In & Out )3/8" Female NPT
Maximum Pressure Rating125 psi
Overall Dimensions10-1/2" X 5-1/4" X 14"

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