Replacement for GE FXHTC Whole House Carbon Filter

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Replaces These Filters

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  • Culligan RFC-BBSA
  • Culligan RFC-BBS
  • Pentek RFC-BB
  • Pentek 155141
  • Pentek 155141-43
  • Whirlpool WHCR-GAC

Fits These Systems

  • GE GXWH35F
  • GE GXWH30C
  • GE GXWH40L
  • GE GNWH38F
  • GE GNWH38S
  • Whirlpool WHCF-WHPLBB

Replacement for GE FXHTC Whole House Carbon Filter 

Non-original, alternative Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter at a reduced price - which  is interchangeable with the factory FXHTC product.  NOTE: This product is not manufactured by GE.

This premium cartridge is constructed with a 70-micron porous polyethylene outer shell and durable polypropylene end caps. This 4-1/2" OD cartridges incorporate a spun polypropylene core. Sandwiched between the outer shell and the core is a bed of granular activated carbon (GAC).


  • Provides effective chlorine taste & odor reduction
  • The unique radial flow design offers the benefits of granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration, such as low pressure drop, while at the same time significantly reducing the release of carbon fines commonly associated with GAC style cartridges.
  • Filters 3,500 Gallons for reduction of sediment, sand, silt, rust, scale, and chlorine taste and odor



Capacity35,00 Gallons @ 2 GPM
Dimensions9-3/4" L X 4.5" Dia
Flow RateUp To 8 Gallons Per Minute
MaterialSpun Polypropylene Core and GAC
Micron Rating25 microns
Reduction ClaimChlorine taste and odor, sand, soil, silt,

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