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Rusco 1" Spin Down Sediment Filter w/ 60 mesh screen

Rusco 1-60-F | Our#: 176287

 Rusco 1" Spin Down Sediment Filter w/ 60 mesh screen

RUSCO's spin down sediment filters make solid particle removal simple and economical.  Rusco systems will accomodate 1",  1-1/2"  and  2" PVC connections.  The unique feature of the Rusco sediment removal system is that is can be flushed out and reused over and over.

This filter system uses a 60 mesh filter element.  60 mesh is around 250 microns, which is comparable to fine sand. Human hair or a grain of salt is about 75 - 100 microns

This 1" filter system is 11-1/2" tall, 5" wide, and 3-1/4" deep.  The replacement mesh screen is  5-1/4" tall and 1-1/8" diameter.

Common installation of this filter housing would use a 1" PVC glue bushing, or simply glue a 1" PVC pipe directly into the glue socket at the head of the filter.  Using a bushing will allow a connection of a smaller pipe size, 3/4 or 1 inch, and a threaded bushing ( 1" glue X 3/4" female pipe thread ) would allow the connection of a different pipe material, like copper, cpvc or pex.

NOTE : For simplicity, we only stock 1" replacement mesh screens in 60, 100 and 500 sizes.

Features :

  • Unique element design traps sediment in lower portion of the clear housing
  • Clear housing can be easily removed without tools for cleaning
  • Clear housing makes for an easy visual to know when flushing is needed
  • A PVC ball valve allows for easy on / off for flushing the sediment out
  • Rusco incorporates a centrifugal spin down action for sediment removal
  • Many mesh / screen sizes to choose from
  • No filter cartridges to replace
  • Compact size utilizes very little space




Capabilityuse any size mesh for !" Rusco housing
Connection Size ( In & Out )1" PVC glue / socket connection
Dimensions ( overall w/ valve )11-1/2" tall, 5" wide, 3-1/4" deep
Maximum Pressure Rating125 psi
Maximum Temperature100 degrees

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