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Supco Replacement for Frigidaire Filter (RC200/WFCB, RG100/WF1CB), 3-Pack

Supco WF284 | Our#: 175294

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In Frigidaire, Kenmore and other brands, the Supco filter model WF284 replacement filter processes up to 300 gallons of water. The filter traps and removes chlorine taste and odor as well as a variety of other contaminants from the water it processes. With clean water, your beverages and ice are clear and taste great. Easy to install, you can replace the filter once every six months or sooner if the flow rate or water quality decreases. After replacing the filter, flush the system for several minutes to saturate the filter and enable it to work properly. With regular replacement, refrigerator filters provide clean water for beverages, cooking and your pet’s needs.

  • reduces unpleasant chlorine taste and odor
  • reduces contaminants from the water and ice
  • pressure range of 20 - 140 PSI
  • temperature range of 33 - 100 °F
  • filters up to 300 gallons
  • replace every 6 months or sooner if the water starts to taste or smell bad or if the flow rate decreases
  • affordable aftermarket part
  • easy to install and operate
  • three pack provides clean water for over a year