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Water Sentinel Replacement Filter for Bosch 640565 Refrigerator Filter (3-Pack)

WaterSentinel WSBQ-1 | Our#: 176770

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Replaces These Filters

  • AquaPure AP3961137
  • Bosch B20CS8
  • Bosch B20CS5
  • Bosch 640565
  • Bosch 1257074
  • Cuno CS-52
  • Cuno CS-51
  • Cuno 55866-06
  • Cuno 55866-05
  • Cuno EVOLFLTR10
  • Cuno CS-452
  • Cuno CS-450
  • Cuno OCS CS52
  • Cuno CS-562
  • Cuno CS-512
  • Cuno CS-532
  • Cuno CS-522
  • Whirlpool Ultra-Ease
  • Whirlpool W1085590
  • Whirlpool 56932
  • Whirlpool WHKF-R Plus
  • Whirlpool WHKF-R-PLUS

Fits These Systems

  • Bosch Evolution Series 500
  • Bosch Evolution Series 800
  • Bosch B20CS51SNB
  • Bosch B20CS51SNW
  • Bosch B20CS51SNI
  • Bosch B20CS51SNS
  • Bosch B20CS81SNB
  • Bosch B20CS81SNW
  • Bosch B20CS81SNS
  • Cuno CS-452
  • Cuno CS-451

The WaterSentinel WSBQ-1 (formerly WSB-1, WSQ-1) provides your home with clean water. Having filtered water makes for better beverages. The aftermarket WaterSentinel WSBQ-1 is a replacement filter for the OEM product. It is the generic option for the Bosch 640565, 3M/Cuno CS-52, Whirpool WHKFR-PLUS and others. The WaterSentinel WSQ-1, like the factory original, removes dirt, chlorine taste and odor, and other particles. This filter is the inexpensive alternative. The replacement WaterSentinel WSBQ-1 is manufactured in the USA. You should replace the filter every six months or sooner. This fridge filter, WaterSentinel WSBQ-1, is available in multiple quantities. By purchasing the 3-pack, you could have filtered water for a year and a half. The WaterSentinel WSQ-1 improves the quality of your water supply. Check below for instructions on how to install the filter. Discount Filters offers a 1 year purchase guarantee with the WaterSentinel WSBQ-1. 


  • High quality, inexpensive alternative to factory original filter
  • Helps reduce chlorine taste and odor
  • Helps reduce contaminants found in tap water and improves its quality
  • Made in the USA


Capacity400 Gallons
CertificationsNSF/ANSI 42
Chlorine Reduction0.86
Flow Rate0.5 Gallon Per Minute
Micron Rating5
Reduction ClaimsChlorine, Sediment

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